Today it’s a pretty cloudy day. It was supposed to rain. This morning ( sat morning) my wife and I, along with my 2 children, went to the supermarket. We have just come to the end of the school holiday’s, so on Monday it’s back to school for my wife ( teacher) and son.
I am a Stay at Home Dad. I have complex Partial Epilepsy. This is the reason I am a Stay at Home Dad.I wish I hadn’t had my Epilepsy since puberty, but I’m also glad it wasn’t anything worse. I still have my 2 arms and 2 legs. Complex Partial Epilepsy isn’t to bad. I only have 2-3 seizures a month. I month or 2 ago I went 30 days with no seizures. That’s the best I have ever been, so that’s pretty encouraging.
Our son started school in may, and our daughter is 3 a couple of days before Christmas. So, my plans for the future ?
My tertiary studies were in the area’s of landscape design. But, due to the Epilepsy I have never been able to have a drivers license. When you look at situations vacant, no matter want sort of employment it is, everyone asks for someone with a drivers license. But, maybe someone can take you on your personal credentials and not your ability to drive.Epilepsy is something that the community really lack knowledge in as well. People have idea’s that are completely of the mark.
I would like to do some more tertiary study at some stage, probably when my daughter has started school. There are some good diploma’s etc in IT. These cover Website Design for example. There is such a market in these areas these days and it continues to increase. The world is continuously on the computer.I have loved been at home with my children. Been a parent is awesome. I don’t understand how people could not want to experience it. 


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