Epilepsy & Alcohol

It’s a fact that Alcohol is part of many people’s lives.
Most people experience Alcohol between the ages of 15 & 55. But , sadly it is one of the world’s biggest killers. It continues to harm us on our roads, and it can also increase the possibilities of breast cancer for woman.
Epilepsy and Alcohol can be confusing.
  • How much can I drink?
  • Am I drinking too much?
  • Is it the reason for my seizures?
  • Should I be drinking at all?
 Excessive drinking can cause seizures to develop because Alcohol has an effect on the brain.
Alcohol can also make medication less effective.
Your choice of lifestyle can play a big part in the control of Epilepsy.
 Some people with Epilepsy will find that they will be able to have a beer or a glass of wine without it bringing on a seizure. Some will find that it’s simply too much.
Some people, as we know, be it for health reasons or other, just don’t drink alcohol.
 Medication doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t drink but it’s important to remember…..               
  • Medication can make you more sensitive to alcohol, and alcohol may mean the side effects of medication are more severe.
  • It’s irresponsible to miss medication so you can drink alcohol.       
  • You’re more likely to have a seizure from missing medication than drinking alcohol.
 Heavy drinking can cause a seizure, even for people who do not have epilepsy.
 So, Alcohol can make seizures more likely to occur. Drug side effect may become worse, and medication can cause the effects of alcohol to exaggerate. Heavy drinking is likely to cause other health problems as well. Some people, whether they have Epilepsy or not, have decided to live a life Alcohol free.

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