Stay At Home Parent Or Not ?

For reasons of their very own, a number of people choose to be a Stay at Home Parent. Considering the alternatives available,some may ask why would anyone choose to stay at home?
Well, their exact reasons behind doing it are wide ranging and varied.
Maybe you are one trying to decide if you should be a Stay At Home Parent or perhaps not. If you have not yet made up your mind, here are a few reasons that you really should think about:
First, perhaps your partner has a more prominent career than yourself and between the two of you, you have made a decision to have a parent at home.. O.K., I see your point regarding having a parent at home. Do you like the idea of leaving your children at the likes of a day care from a very young age ?. This is a good point, and quite likely correct. Nonetheless,in today’s economy, some feel it is critical to return to work pretty much immediately and many people are very career driven..
Second, do you want to see your children’s first time moments ?. Do you want to be there when your child first stands,takes those first steps.. And you can work from home..
You may have some reasons that a day job just doesn’t work for you. EG: a medical condition.. Which means it is a lot better idea for your wife/partner to be the one that goes to work everyday.. Just as before, you will remember nothing beats spending time with your children ! Some opinions may differ on that one. I sometimes do wish for a day in a workplace, somewhere away from the kids. I tell my wife that a day in a workplace would be like a holiday. But as a hard working primary School Teacher, she has a different opinion.
Maybe you and your partner both need to go to work for financial reasons. As I said earlier, today’s economy is tough.
After you examine these  points, it will become clear that they are at least a little bit compelling. We all must agree that they make a case of at least considering being a Stay At Home Parent, right?
Think about it. Consider it. Perhaps a bit of it may connect with you. Perhaps you should be a Stay At Home Parent.


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