Playing Golf

Playing Golf is something I did when I was in my mid to late teens and it is something I would like to do again.My Mother was the first to play golf and has still played a bit in recent times. So, when she first started, I went along to have a go.I played once a week with the other men at the Golf Club, but eventually when I got to 20-21 tertiary studies took over and I got busy.If I had a drivers license,perhaps I would have been able to continue.(have never driven due to medical reasons).
At the moment I don’t really do much by myself, for my own enjoyment.Most of my time is dedicated with my family.Not that I don’t enjoy my family. My wife and children make me very happy.But it would be very good to have my own outlet.Something I do by myself, for myself.
Someone I have always admired in the golfing world is Greg Norman.Maybe he should have won a few more Major Tournaments, such as The U.S Master’s or U.S Open and a couple more British Opens. During his career he got labelled as a bot of a “choker” for failing to win tournaments that should have been his. When I first started to take notice of golf,watch tournaments, he had a No.1, best in the world ranking.He had dominated that ranking for quite some time, like we have seen Tiger Woods do in recent times.He’s an Australian as well, so he comes from my part of the world. (Southern Hemisphere)
I also admire what he has done off the golf course in business, with Great White Shark Enterprises which includes Golf Course Design,Clothing,Sun Glasses,Wine,Restaurants,Real Estate and Food.
So, I very much intend ti play golf again at some stage. I WILL GET BACK TO IT. Just just about when,how and with who. It won’t happen overnight,but it will happen.


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