Stitching Up A Business – An Inspirational Story

Kerry loved making costumes for her little girl to dance in.”It’s so pretty”  her four year old would say. Kerry’s mother had given her a first sewing machine for her 10th birthday, and she had loved sewing ever since.In her teenage ages her friends were paying her to make them outfits. She was self-taught and had learnt from trial and error.
A lot of Kerry’s sewing was just part of her motherly duty, but it was something she really enjoyed.She spent a lot of time making outfits for dance class, and before to long other mothers began to ask her for her expertise.A second daughter arrived, and she received a lot of Kerry’s sewing as well.
Over time, Kerry’s began to wonder if she could turn her passion into a business.This idea had her husbands support and approval, so she started a company called “Arabesque Dance Wear”.
Kerry worked from home to begin with, selling to friends, and friends of friends and business went well, so Kerry opened her own shop.After 3 years Kerry sold to buy an existing Fabric Supply Company. When Kerry’s oldest daughter left school, she went and worked with Kerry.
At this stage they were selling fabrics to manufacturers and the public, along with accessories and costumes. The business was now “Glitter and Dance
Since the start of the business, they have had to change location 4 times, and hire 8 employees. They eventually settled in a large warehouse, with a shop upstairs and wholesale storage and offices downstairs.Kerry’s second daughter joined the business at 19 so they have a real family atmosphere which can only be loved.
They now have an annual turnover of more than $1 million. They have an online store thriving and have opened a branch in the U.K. ( They are located in Queensland,Australia)
So, what an inspirational story !! To turn a hobby/ mum activity into something with such a turnover/family business. GREAT STUFF.

Ref:Lucky Break No.31


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