The History Of Epilepsy

Epilepsy has been with us since the dawn of time.It has effected many,from the rich to the poor.Living with Epilepsy is hard for some to understand.
Just imagine Epilepsy thousands of years ago….
That would have been something that would have be very hard for people to understand.
Epilepsy is one of the oldest conditions of the human race.
The earliest reference of Living with Epilepsy date back to the 5th century BC, when Living with Epilepsy was eventually called “The Falling Disease”
Ancient people thought seizures/people Living with Epilepsy had been evaded by evil spirits or demons.Priests attempted to cure people Living with Epilepsy by using magic and prayers.
These theories were eventually challenged by physicians like Atreya of India and later Hippocrates of Greece.
The likes of these men recognized that Living with Epilepsy was due to a dysfunction of the brain,not a spiritual event.
Atreya was a revered Ayurvedic physician and teacher who lived during the 8th century BC. He was a disciple of Bharadwaja and his real name was Punarvasu. Atreya is a Sanskrit name literally meaning the ‘son of Atri’.
The beginning of the Ayurvedic medicine is attributed to him.
Hippocrates was almost free of superstition, and believed disease came from nature as opposed to from the gods. He even stated that Epilepsy was caused from a blockage in the brain.He was the first physician to actually examine his patients.
A revolutionary aspect that was invented by Hippocrates was the concepts of cleanliness. When the plague broke out he recommended that people burn their clothes and boil the water before they drank it. It was to take over 2000 years before this was rediscovered.
He wrote about diagnostic methods, diets, the importance of hygiene, how to prevent diseases,way to conduct surgery, women’s diseases, the construction of towns and houses in order for people’s environment to be healthy.
Superstitious interpretation of Living with Epilepsy persisted for centuries, and still continue today.Bad Attitudes of past societies toward Epilepsy have left a legacy of stigma and damaging misconceptions which still persist today, as people Living with Epilepsy continue to face fear, prejudice and discrimination in their everyday lives.As we know this is completely out of order because every person is an individual.So presumptions shouldn’t be made when you hear of a person Living with Epilepsy.

Up until 1990,People in the U.S with Epilepsy couldn’t get married or have children. What an unfair restriction !!!!


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