Social Networks

As we know, Social Networks are pretty huge.Not just pretty huge,but a really BIG DEAL.
Most people,when one refers to Social Networks, think of Facebook and YouTube.But there are other Social Networks out there, such as Google+.
Social Networking has become one of the most common things people do when online,a close second to searching for stuff.Social Networking is about sharing and communicating with other people – whether these people are your friends,family or ones you work with.
Social Networking keeps you up to speed with whats going on in the world and what your contacts are doing and enables you to let your contacts know what you are doing and your opinions on things.Twitter is another example of this.
For a lot of people, Social Networking becomes addictive…For example, do you know of people, or see people that seem to be on Facebook 24/7 ?
But, I guess this is more possible these days with technology changing, getting better and better every day.Mobile access is becoming more popular. More people access the internet via their mobile phones instead of their computers.This makes it possible to post status updates from wherever you are, no matter what you are doing.
So, when we look at Social Networks, Facebook is the frontrunner, followed by YouTube.
Video’s are a great option for getting your message out to the world.
We also have to mention Google+. Google+ allows you to post messages to your online friends and family.It allows you to organize your friends and family into circles.This means you can post messages to a circle, and only the people in that circle will receive that message.
So, the popularity of Social Networking continues to increase.This will continue to increase  into the future.Large numbers of people access Social Networks on a regular basis, and these networks will become more important for peoples online activities.


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