Question,Question,Question !!

How many Questions do you get asked every day ?
1,2,3 ?
If you have a 9-5 job you probably get questions.You maybe complete tasks, jobs,assignments.That’s inevitable. How much ? By When,Where, Which, How ?
& Why ?
I get a few of those as well…
I’m talking about questions at home.Questions from my son. He is 5 yrs old. The number of thoughts, ideas going through his head must be huge.We can’t believe what he remembers as well. He talks about things that happened yrs ago. These are things we hardly remember..He asks so many questions. He gets a story every night just before bed time and you can’t get through a page without him asking a question or two.My wife and I alternate between our 2 kids.I have to admit because of the constant questions,I don’t really enjoy it as much as I used to.
Some things you try and explain to him, but it goes nowhere, but hey, he is only 5.A lot of the time you give him an answer then he’ll tell you that your wrong.
Some questions I just can’t answer, because there is no way he’ll understand .
I do my best.
A daily question is whats for tea (dinner). This is asked during (or before) he has even finished his breakfast. If you tell him meat and veges then he will complain and say he wants fish & chips or pizza, but we all know you can’t have takeaways every night of the week. It’s not that healthy or very good for the household budget.
I love been a parent and I love the fact I’m a Stay at Home Dad. I don’t understand people that don’t want children but each to their own.It’s a personal decision if and when.I have looked forward to my son starting school.But, he comes home with a another question.That is “What can I do now”.
He finds it very hard to occupy himself.
Hopefully at school he is having a few of his questions answered. 
My wife is a teacher so I have a bit of inside knowledge of school life from a teachers daily perspective.


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