The World On The Net

In 2014, the world lives on the Internet. We buy,sell,watch in front of our computers. Also, most people from a very young age, carry a mobile phone.
So, Internet Marketing…
The main reason for anyone to begin an Internet Marketing campaign is to increase product/service awareness.As people are browsing the internet,they may come across business and become interested in what it has to offer.
Marketing is still done through television,radio and printed ads (such as newspaper). This type of advertising has it’s place,but with technology growing at such a rate,most people have access to the internet.
The number of online purchases continues to increase.This is due to peoples busy lifestyles and the convenience of looking at the info and ordering a product/service online.
Internet Marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of advertising.When you look at starting a website,using articles, and social media, these are minimal compared to the traditional forms of advertising.
Articles & Social Media are a marketing strategy that will drive traffic to a website.The more people who visit the site,the better the likelihood of closing more sales and generating more interest.
By providing people with the opportunity to purchase online,impulse purchasing power increases.This result is more sales.
By using Internet Marketing,this means it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
With Internet Marketing, it is very important to include Landing Pages on the website in which people can leave their email addresses, and perhaps their names as well.
It is fairly obvious that the Internet is where people spend a lot of their spare time these days.
Take a look at these numbers…
Twitter –   550 million users
YouTube –  1 billion users – Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month
Facebook  – 1.1 billion users
Google + – 1 billion +
So, as we can see, Facebook is the largest Social Network.
So, due to the above figures, whatever you are putting out into Social Networks, there is a chance it will be seen by hundreds or thousands of people.


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