Tips For Healthy Eating

Start your families day with Breakfast.
Breakfast is healthy and low-cost.
I can’t imagine sending my son to school or my daughter to kindergarten without breakfast.
Even though I have the same thing every day,which I have done for most of my life,
it’s still very enjoyable.

Keep a bowl of fruit on the table. Let the children have one if they ask.
Simple as that.

Make water milk the one’s that your children drink.
My children have never had anything else.
Only when they go to their Grandparents.

Try to be a good role model by what you eat.

Involve children in activities like cooking and baking.
My children love baking with my wife. But remember, safety comes first.


-Sitting together at the table is very important. It’s all part of building
a strong family. It’s fantastic to share stories of your day.For this
reason it’s best that the TV is turned off. At my son’s age of five,
it’s a distraction even if it’s on the 6pm News.

-They may protest about the veges at certain ages.For some reason my son says
he is full,but thinks he has enough room for pudding.Seems a bit fishy to me.
Most nights his little sister of 2 and a half years old is more keen on her
dinner than he his. But as I said, it’s about different stages.
Keep giving the children the veges and they will get used to them.
Make a plate of food colorful so that half of it is veges.

Involve children in activities like cooking and baking.
My children love baking with their mother.
This will help them out later in life when they have to prepare their own meals


-Serve good sized servings.This keeps the bills down as well.
It’s also helps towards anyone eating TO MUCH.

-Have soup once a week/fortnight.
You can make a large amount of soup at a time and freeze it.

-Have a salad meal and use the BBQ in the summer time.

-Set a time you eat every night and stick to the schedule.

-Plan ahead so you know what foods you need for each meal.
Write a list during the week and before going to the supermarket each week.




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