Epilepsy & Employment

Employers may give reasons for not hiring a person with Epilepsy.

Your safety and the safety of others if you have a seizure at work.
    • The companies liability
    • Concerns you won’t perform
    • Ability to deal with the public

Producing an income is important for many reasons, such as self-esteem and supporting a family.
Many people with epilepsy work and positions are initially open to people with the condition.
Overall, there is no difference in job performance and productivity between workers with epilepsy and others. Studies have shown that behavior, productivity of employees with epilepsy is as good as or better than others. Accident rates are lower!!
This comes from a motivation to work hard and prove that they are worthy of the workplace.
Should they tell their employer?
Some people may prefer to tell their employer. This seems to be the most open and honest way to go about things. You shouldn’t hide anything from an employer. This also means that if or when you do have a seizure at work, it is understood. If they do not want to hire you because of your epilepsy, maybe they wouldn’t have been the best person to work for. Does your job require a driver’s license, or is it just about getting to work each day. There is always public transport. So much with epilepsy comes back to fear of the word EPILEPSY, or a general misunderstanding.95% of the time things may be just fine.That depends on how severe your Epilepsy is and what type you have.But, if you have found an employer that can see past that small part of you, you’re on your way to employment. If you have the qualifications, skills, and experience your on your way. If you’re a hard worker with a good attitude,you are headed in the right direction.


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