Driveway Danger…Where Are Your Kids ?

 2009-10 video

A couple of days ago my daughter and I went for a 40-50 minute walk before picking my son up from school.As I walked past a couple of cars side by side in a driveway, I read a sticker which both cars had. It said
“Watch Out For Children – There’s No Going Back”.
There has been a pretty big issue in New Zealand with about 5 children been run over in driveways every year, plus about one put in hospital every 2 weeks from the same scenario.
Remember, NZ only has a population of about 4 million.
This mostly involves children between the ages of 1 & 3 yrs of age and what really hurts is that parents/relatives are at the wheel most of the time. These cars are moving forwards or backwards. But, children are small aren’t they. The injuries are so severe that they either die on the scene or end up with a life long disability/long term injury.
So, the key is to know where your children are at all times. That needs to be a 24/7 policy.
Driveway run overs happen more in the warmer months when your spending that time outside, having a BBQ. But, maybe even during winter as well, when it’s darker earlier in the evening.

  So, do you have a risky driveway ?

    • Is your driveway long ?
    • Do you live in a quiet street/cul-de-sac ?
    • Do you have a driveway with a lot of space/a lot of parking..  ?
    • Do you have a driveway with nothing
      ( no fence )between it & the play area or lawn ?

      So, check where all children are before cars are moving.



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