Tweet, Tweet…….TWEET !

Twitter can be a very powerful tool.
A first goal should be to connect with about 200 people.  Until you do this,Twitter may seem a bit boring.  Like a lot of things, when people get bored, they quit.  So follow some people and see if they follow you back.  Theory has it that about 70% of the people you follow will follow you back.  Set up your profile correctly.  This is done pretty simply if you look under “settings” on the Twitter home page.  Also include a personal photo. This photo should be a reasonably friendly one, one with a smile on your face.  If you don’t have this kind of photo, you’ll be lucky to get many followers.  If you’re tweeting for a company, people relate better to a photo of a person than a company logo.  Include a link to your website. You want to drive people there don’t you? If you don’t have a website, send people to Linkedin or Facebook.  Create a bio with your business and interests that will help people find you in searches.  Add some personality.  Think of keywords people would use to find you and your business.  Choose a short, easy-to-remember username.  Before many people start to follow you, add a few tweets.  People will probably check out your profile and what you have tweeted before deciding to follow you.  When you first start with Twitter, it can be a lot of fun.  It takes some practice and it can be awkward sometimes.  Try tweeting three times a day, at different times of the day.
You could tweet about…
  •   some interesting non-work related information you saw, heard or read.
  •   some news related to your business, market or industry.
  •   your opinion on something going on in the news or something funny.
You can tweet about whatever is going on in your everyday life.  Tweet about what interests you, whether in be sport, travel, art, technology, history or science.  You have to remember to be natural so people can see you are human.  SO, TWEET AWAY!

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