The Brain Train !!

Well, a couple of evening ago, I ,along with my wife and father, attended a Brain Train evening.
This is The New Zealand Epilepsy Foundation’s Road Show. I am so excited !!
Finally, we have got something to be excited about when it comes to Epilepsy in New Zealand. So, at the Brain Train Evening.We had an inspiration speaker, someone who due to an injury doing  something she loved , is now in a wheelchair. But with the attitude she displayed, I will not be surprised if she is eventually back on her feet. We were given great information by  Prof. Jaideep Kapur .He has been here in New Zealand all the way from the U.S. He is a Neurologist and Epileptologist, which means that Epilepsy is what he really focuses on.He gave everyone a lot of information about Epilepsy and people were able to put hands up and get their questions answered.

So, the New Zealand Epilepsy Foundation.
It’s fantastic to be a board member and know that you are going to be part of getting Epilepsy in New Zealand into a better place.

The New Zealand Epilepsy Foundation has 16 national trusts in various cities/regions around the country.We have some high profile ambassadors such as former All Black Ian Jones and Artist Reuben Paterson , plus some fantastic sponsors such as Gallaghers

People need to be educated about Epilepsy. We have to make Epilepsy a positive thing.There is so much publicity around other health issues, so Epilepsy should have it’s place as well.

As mentioned at the Brain Train evening, people need to be involved in :

  • Creativity
  • Physical Activity
  • Social Activity        

That’s going to be a big part of what the foundation will be doing. Getting people active,educated and  HAVING FUN !!




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