Pepper Pig…The Better Choice !!

The Family With Peppa Pig

 When you look at what is on the TV screen these days, you can’t argue that it’s where some of our problems come from.A lot of it isn’t the best. A fair amount of it is about crime and sex. Some of the crime can be enjoyable.They leave you wondering who the culprit is. But I always have a negative feeling in the back of my mind. I recently wrote a letter to New Zealand’s National TV Guide. This is a small Magazine that tells us whats on TV every day . This was published, along with about 8-10 others. I talked of the shows that are there for our children to watch.We have shows that have people shooting each other. There always seems to be a good guy and a bad guy. I try to steer my children clear of these. But in the half hour or so before school and kindy in the morning, in front of TV is a good practical place to have them.There are occasions when I change the channel to get to a better show. There is also cartoons with girls/fairies with not a lot of clothes on. Maybe that’s part of what a fairy is, but perhaps that’s why we see young girls wearing less and less clothes.
I try not to have my children watching to much TV, but as I said, some times its just easy and practical.There is some good TV as well. Think of shows such as Bob The Builder,Thomas The Tank Engine, Postman Pat and Peppa Pig. Peppa Pig is all about a family having a good time and a few laughs.You can’t beat Sesame St when it comes to Education. Barney is someone that was very uncool in my teenage years, but very enjoyable now, My daughter and I often watch Barney, as she approaches 3 years old.  The Wiggles is a fantastic group from Australia that have had huge success. It’s pretty easy to see why.We have an awesome group of men very near my location, The Funky Monkeys. We have been to see them live a few times. They are very enjoyable and we often listen to their music in the car.So, there is the good stuff and the bad stuff. That’s the case with a lot of things I guess. Just a pity that children have an opportunity to look at bad stuff early on.


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