School Holidays !!

Hello All,

Well, yes, that’s right. It’s school holidays. We have 4 terms of school in New Zealand, all about 10 weeks long. So, we have just come to the end of our third term. The children have a two week holiday. We have the pleasure also of having my wife/mum at home with us as well, with her been a teacher. Its not all holidays for the teachers though. This is something that a lot of people don’t realize, or just think the opposite. You hear people say. “Man, it would be sweet as to be a teacher, ya get all those holidays.” But, it’s not really how it works at all. If you saw the hours she works during the week, and the days she works during the holidays, then it all adds up. My son only started school 4 months ago, so it will be good for him to have a holiday. You could kinda see during the last couple of weeks that he was ready. The way he has been after school. . You can tell he’s had a long day.He is still only five and he hasn’t been going long. That’s something I have to remember. My daughter will have one week away from kindy. We are going away for a few nights to stay with my in-laws. They are about a 4-5 hour drive away in Gisborne. Hopefully the kids fall asleep at some stage on the way so we don’t get many “ARE WE THERE YET ?” or “HOW MUCH FURTHER ?” It’s always nice to have a change of scenery, go somewhere different.  With my wife been a teacher, you kind of forget that everyone else is still at work. Not everyone out there are teachers. I do look forward to it because it’s family time and the children are not such much needing my attention. They do run to Mum a bit, but I think that’s just the way with any parent not at home.

Gisborne , New Zealand


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