3 Nights Away

Hello All,

Hope all reading had a good weekend. I had a pretty good one. I said a couple/few posts ago, I was going away for a few nights. We went and stayed with my inlaws ( wifes parents ). It’s always good to have a change of scenery. We didn’t really get up to alot. Got away from here early on the Thurday morning at 8am which was well done. Stopped and had a bit of lunch half way there and arrived in Gisborne about 2pm. On Friday my wife ( Alie ) went and had a haircut her Mum had arranged , so I was at home with the children like I am a lot of the time. It was very windy, but that is the way it is on the coast. We went for a drive Friday afternoon to have a look at the beach. My daughter fell asleep in the car like she does a lot of the time, but my son and I went for a walk on the beach.

Watching The Surfers

There was quite a few people surfing , so it was interesting to watch how they were doing considering the water was pretty rough. As Hayden ( my son ) and I went to walk back to the car , Alie told us to watch for a spot that cut back down into the cliff. If we had stepped on it we may have fallin back onto the beach. Anyway, soon after she said this I had a “TURN” . A “TURN” is what we call my seizures. This was brought on by Alie telling us to keep away from that spot. So, home we went. I can’t remember the trip back to the house though, because of my turn. I was probably asleep.
 On Saturday, we had a pretty quiet day. We went and looked at a few shops, then went out for afternoon tea. The kids had a spa with their Poppa just before dinner. I had another “TURN” as they did that. This happened because Alie spoke to a woman in a neighboring house. This may all seem unusual, but a lot of the time when I have my TURNS, I know why. Most of the time, it’s because of emotional reasons. So, we left for home at about 8:30-9 this morning. We called in at Alie’s Grandma’s. We saw her a few times while we were there. We also called in and saw Alie’s brother. We got back to our home in Hamilton at about 3pm. It was a good few nights away, but there is no place like home. 🙂

View Of Gisborne From Above


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