Epilepsy & Driving

For most people, driving is part of everyday life. Not been able to drive is inconvenient, and it limits job prospects. When looking for employment, there are a lot of vacancies that include “must have drivers license.” I am speaking from experience. But that also falls back to peoples misunderstanding of health conditions such as Epilepsy. Perhaps employers feel that if you can’t drive you are never going to be consistent getting to work on time. Personally I have found myself to be an active person, and I think this falls back to not driving. Most days during the week I would take an hour’s walk.

We have Public Transport available as well. Whatever is available in your city/area. Driving regulations are different in each country, but when it comes to Epilepsy you have to be seizure free in New Zealand for 12 months before you can get your license. I know of a few people who don’t follow those rules though. There are always people out there driving without a license at all, or a lower grade license than required. Don’t you just enjoy seeing them get caught?
It puzzles me people who are 18+ and are yet to get their license. I feel answers such as “haven’t got round to it” or “I can’t afford it, it costs too much” are just complete rubbish. People with Epilepsy need to realize that they shouldn’t drive. Some may think it’s safe for them to drive, because they get a warning of a seizure. The fact is they are having seizures, so by law they are ineligible to drive.
Another question is the timing of seizures. Some may say they only have seizures early in the morning, or in the evening. Again, it comes back to still having seizures. Wouldn’t you want that security of 6-12 months of no seizures at all? Especially when you are driving people you hold most dearness? Personally I couldn’t bring myself to drive. I am quite capable. I often put the car away. I grew up on a Dairy Farm so there was plenty of room to roam with tractors and other vechicles, assisting my father. I spent alot of time on my own farm bike growing up, getting the cows in, helping my father.
But, I don’t have a drivers license…..

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