What is Poverty ?

Poverty ?
 Let’s take a look in the dictionary.

-the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor.

The state of being extremely poor

 -the condition of being without adequate food, money, etc

So, there we have 3 definitions from different sources.
The reason I am on the subject is I am pretty sick of the subject. Here in New Zealand, we have recently selected a new Government. When groups/parties were campaigning to get your vote, the  subject that was so often brought up was Poverty, or the number of people living in Poverty.
But, what is Poverty ? If people feel they don’t have enough money to pay the bills, should they continue to have children.A week or so ago I read that the people living in Poverty have never been taught about contraception. I’m sure they have heard a thing or two about it. Money is part of the reason my wife and I stopped at 2 children. It seemed a better option than 5 or 6. It puzzles me why some woman have 5 or 6 children to 3 different fathers, or a man would want to have as many children with a few woman. These children should receive support dollars , but in that situation rarely receive it. Some of the people that are said to be living in Poverty live in the most expensive city in New Zealand. This city ( Auckland ) has a quarter of our 4 million people population. We constantly hear of the rising house prices of Auckland when there is much cheaper houses in other parts of the country. So, as I said, during the politicians campaigning, a majority of the parties said how they would solve the “poverty” problem. They would simply give more dollars and tax the people earning the higher incomes more. That seems a bit unfair to me. Those people on the big incomes have worked very hard to get there.When you look at what a Solo Mother with one child receives on welfare, it’s not far away from what my wife started on as a Teacher. That Solo Mother didn’t have to get pregnant, it was a choice. So, how do you save some money ? Cut out smoking, drinking, gambling, vehicles & takeaways. I’m sure some households could save $30-50 a week if they tried. If a government constantly dishes out money to people, they expect more and more. It’s like when my family and I go and feed the ducks. The longer we are there and the more bread we throw out, the greater number of ducks come to get some bread.

Is 6 Children Really Necessary ?

One thought on “What is Poverty ?

  1. We all know how children come to be in the world, having two parents. There is more than a Solo mother, so where is the Absentee father and Bad dad, refusing to take paternal responsibility? Whether four, five, six or seven children, is never a problem and reflects the general move to victim blaming and shaming.The problem results from consenting adults dropping their repective ethics, values and responsibilities in (1) not taking care of their own anatomy, and/or (2) not raising the child(ren) of any coupling, until the child reaches adult age, due to inadequate personal control over the ego and self-gratification in the personal relationship. Relationships are complex-I am a mother that shared joint custody, but gave “placement” of my daughter, to her father, in our divorce. This action caused me enormous emotional pain, but was to best help my daughter cope with the divorce when helping her stay in the school system and area she was familiar with as a youngster. She had a say and this was her preference, in staying by her friends and her school as well. Of course things in divorces are far messier than the simplistic explanation, the gist is the same. I am sure there exist other women that have had similar experiences as mine, sharing joint custody and paying child support to the important fathers of their children, yet we never term these men “solo fathers.” Perhaps we could learn to retrain ourselves, from the refrains of breeding bulls and cows? Relationships are complex when it comes to the human animal.


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