Epilepsy Surgery

EEG in Progress

Surgery for any reason can seem like a frightening prospect,but if seizures cannot be controlled by medications,it’s something that needs to be looked at. The reason for your seizures needs to be identified with the likes of an MRI or EEG. But, the benefits need to be weighed up with the risks,and there is no guarantee the surgery will be successful. People with Partial Epilepsy that is difficult to control can be considered for surgery. In recent years,Surgery is being consider earlier. A younger brain will recover better, as it finds it easier to relearn and reorganize. Different drugs need to be tried before surgery is considered. I have been on every drug available in New Zealand,but my seizures have never been controlled. All scans (MRI / EEG/ CAT) I have ever had have never shown any reasons for my seizures. Epilepsy Surgery can be helpful for people with problems such as Brian  Structure,Strokes and Blood Vessel Issues. Surgery can not be done in certain areas of the brain,ones that assist us with essential functions such as language and memory. When treatment is been considered, quality of life must be considered. How is that person going to be for intelligence,social interaction,education and employment ? Is surgery really worth it, or is that person better off with continued medication. Some medication has side effects. I am lucky in that I have never had any really bad side effects. In my teenage years I think I may have gained weight through medication and became very tired.In more recent years medication may keep weight off me. I think medication may have a small effect on my gums as well, pushing them up my teeth. My dentist recently said my seizures may change my teeth if I bite hard during a seizure. She may have seen the evidence. Up to date technology now makes Surgery safer than it was in the 80’s or 90’s.So,it is an exciting possibility if it has the potential to completely turn your life around. I’d say it would be worth that risk. You are in the hands of professionals.


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