Epilepsy Seizure Triggers

If you know what brings on a seizure or the feeling you get when you are about to have one, you should feel a bit lucky. I sometimes do with my seizures. When I last had a seizure/turn, my daughter and I were lying on the couch watching T.V and I had that feeling. I often get a feeling of the dimensions,shapes of the room. These feelings are hard to describe. But, when it happens, it’s enough to tell my wife about, and it has often led to a seizure/turn. I don’t really like the word seizure. Maybe because I have Complex Partial and not Grand Mal. A “Turn” is just a term we started as a family. Emotions often trigger my turns. Times when I am stressed out, worried about things. I do think about things to much. Once I have something on my mind, I don’t stop thinking about it until it is done. So, apart from emotions , what other causes are there ?

  • Sleep

How much sleep is one getting ?  Enough ?
If someone is deprived of sleep,overtired,
or not sleeping well through the night seizures may occur.

  •  Missed Medication

This is a big no no.Changing medication can also have an effect, or taking the wrong medication. It’s a good move to have your medication set up a week in advance.Grab something like this picture.This is what I have. One for morning and one for evening. I currently take 3 types of medication, so it means 6-7 pills twice a day.

  • Hormones

I have never been pregnant or never gone through menopause, but from what I’ve seen and been told these can have have quite an effect on the
way you feel.

  • Drugs and Alcohol

Your better off without these  Epilepsy or not. Alcohol can trigger a seizure because it takes away the effect of your medication.I had a few drinks in my younger days but nothing crazy, and nowadays I may have a dozen drinks of alcohol  a year. Yes, that’s right, per year. Drugs ? never done it.

  •  Diet

A well balanced diet with regular meals is the best for all.You don’t want to skip a breakfast and then do 12 hours hard physical labor.

  •  Environment

Some studies have linked seizures to bright or flashing lights. Some family friends of ours have had seizures due to these types of situations.

So, a few reasons or triggers there. I find it satisfying when I can find a reason that I have had a turn.It makes me feel better about myself.

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