Today’s Turn/Seizure


I wrote about things that trigger Seizures/Turns earlier today,and I ended up having a Turn this afternoon. I thought I would give some detail about what happened.At about 4:30pm, I was outside fixing a box in my garden. This wooden box has had soil in it and of course some flowers, but has been collapsing for a while. The other day it completely gave away. So, I rebuilt it today. I thought I had done a pretty good job, with a new piece of wood, and screws drilled in several places. I put the soil back into it. It looked to still be going ok, so I lifted it up, and as I did that it fell apart once again. This of course frustrated me, and I had a TURN !!! My wife was inside, and saw this happen. Next thing you know, I went off walking around the other side of our house. She followed me. Eventually, I went inside and slept for about 10 minutes.I can’t remember the walking or sleeping. The only part I can remember is the box collapsing. After a while I was back outside , cleaning up the mess I had made. So, here is an example of emotions creating a Turn.


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