A Rainy Morning

Today is one of the days it would have been really handy to have a license. It was pouring down with rain this morning. As usual, I had to take the kids to school and kindergarten. School is less than 5 minutes walk away, but kindy is about a 15 minute walk. We normally leave about 8:30 am, but this morning I delayed it, hoping that the rain would stop, or at least ease. But, no, it just continued. So, we left about 8:45, as my son starts school at 9. There are 2 school bells in the morning. The first at 8:30, which means they can be in their classroom, and then of course the one at 9, when school starts.
So, once we left him there, I was unsure about whether I should take my daughter or not. I had a rain coat on, umbrella up,and pushchair cover over her. We walked back past our street, and I nearly came home, but then changed my mind again and we continued on to kindy. As I walked my shoes filled with water, and my pants got a bit wet. My daughter has complained about the pushchair cover at times, but you would think when it is pouring with rain, she would appreciate it, and understand why it is there. We normally get to kindy about 8:45-8:50, but we were late this morning. One of the teachers asked my daughter where she had been this morning, because all the kids were already on the mat. They usually do art before this time.
So, its days like this that I REALLY DO WISH I HAD A LICENSE !!  How would others feel if they didn’t have a license. Or maybe had their license taken away, even if it was for a week or 2 ?
If they did, it would show them that they should really appreciate their license.


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