Epilepsy, Activities and Safety

Most people with Epilepsy can get involved with a large number of activities and have the enjoyment and success of anyone else. But, as usual, you have to consider :

  • How controlled your Epilepsy is.
  • How safe the activity is.
  • Whether supervision is required.            

In my younger days, I did a lot of cycling. My Epilepsy is probably better controlled these days than it was in those times.I do sometimes wonder what would happen if I had a turn/seizure while pushing my daughter (pushchair). We have to cross busy streets several times to get to kindergarten. But you can’t sit around all your life saying “what if “. You have to get out and live life to it’s fullest.
Today my daughter and I went for an hours walk. Being a non-driver I find it very satisfying to go for a walk just for the sake of going for a walk. It’s exercise, which we all know the world isn’t getting enough of. Swimming is something that can be looked upon as dangerous, but an inability to swim is the most dangerous.
In high contact physical sports like Rugby & Rugby League there is currently
a lot of talk on the effects it has on the brain. If a player suffers from concussion , what action should be taken ?How long should they stay away from the game ? Concussion can have life long effects.There are dangers in our everyday life when we cook, take a shower, use heating, whether it be a heater or fire. But in modern times,homes are moving away from the likes of a wood-burning fire. In our home we have a Heat Pump. Some may enjoy a burning fire. It was something my wife was very keen on 19 months ago when we purchased our new home, but they require FIREWOOD !! So, a few things looked at here. Keep your safety in mind, but don’t live in a box.



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