Here Comes Christmas !!

So, are you excited about Christmas ?

It will be here before we know it. The shops have everything there now and the advertising arrives in the letterbox everyday. It’s something that doesn’t normally excite me alot, but I am looking forward to Christmas this year. We aren’t huge Christmas shoppers. We have done shopping throughout the year, so it’s 90% done. We have an agreement with family that we don’t really do much in terms of present buying. We had thought about a Trampoline for our kids this year, but we’ll be right without it for now. My wife and I don’t exchange gifts. The children are at the stage where one talks of Santa, and the other doesn’t even know what Christmas is about. But, maybe she will notice something happening this year, turning 3 on the 23rd of December.It’s important to differentiate her Birthday from Christmas. So, We have some exciting plans.We’ll spend the week over Christmas away from home. My parents have purchased a house at the beach, a bit over an hour away. Mum and Dad are of

Papamoa Beach

course retired, and Dad enjoys his fishing. I’m looking forward to spending a few weekends there from time to time throughout the year. I”ll be helping Dad with a truck-load of furniture about 10-12 days before Christmas, So,we’ll be off to there on the 23rd, then maybe on the 27th continue on to my in-laws for a few more nights.We might be there for New Years, might not. My brother in-law and his partner are expecting their first child on the 5th of January. So, it would be nice to be there when that happens, but you never know when a birth will take place.It could be 4 weeks early or 4 weeks late. (Our son was 4 weeks early.) As I said, I’m really looking forward to spending more time away from home in the future.It’s great taking a walk on the beach, no matter what time of the day. The kids haven’t played on the sand a lot. It will be very cool to do things such as Paddle in the Water, throw a Frisbee and build Sand Castles.  We are now halfway through the last school term, with 4 and a half weeks to go. It’s really something to look forward for us with my wife being a teacher. We get to spend about 6 weeks together as a whole family. We are currently in our spring here in New Zealand/ the Southern Hemisphere. The warmer months seem to take longer and longer to get here every year. It has rained for the last 2 weeks. But, I guess that’s spring for you.
So,bring on the Summer !!

A view of the coast from Mount Maunganui


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