In The Event Of A Seizure

Some people may back off when a seizure occurs. I feel that there is a general lack of knowledge out there in the public. In my experience, an Ambulance has been called several times when it hasn’t been necessary at all. The last time this happened,  people thought I was having a Heart Attack, and I have Complex Partial Seizures. To witness a Tonic Clonic Seizure can be very upsetting, and I can understand people’s desire to want to “do something”. But, once again , it comes back to knowledge.

Seizures can’t be stopped, so don’t try to restrain the person during a seizure. It’s best not to crowd around them, or even touch them, unless it’s for for their absolute safety.

Conclusive Seizures:

  • Put something soft under the head.Only move them if they are in danger.
  • Keep their mouth clear.
    • Once movement/convulsions have eased,roll the person onto their side.You may be able to do this sooner, depending on convulsions.
      • Remove any saliva. If they are having trouble breathing, check their mouth for food.
      • Stay with the person until they come around, until they can carry on as they were. Perhaps a loved one will be coming to get them. Maybe they will be a friend of yours.

      Non-convulsive Seizures:

      • These seizures can be different and may need different action.
      • Gently get the person away from what they were doing, where they are.
      •  Speak calmly to them so they can work out where they are.
      • Stay with them until they can resume as they were. They may be confused for some time.They may be aggressive or angry.These moods may go away once they understand what has just happened.

      Example Of My Seizures/Turns
      It was about 2:30pm. I was in my office, which is located at the front of our house. My mother arrived at my house unannounced. This gave me a bit of a shock, and I had a turn. So, we had several conversations, but I don’t remember them at all. I did still go and get my son from school at 3pm though.It’s just a five minute walk down the road. But, it still surprises me, as I also don’t remember that either.


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