Happy 150th Birthday Hamilton

Myself (BRYCE) on Bryce St !!!

Hello !!

Hope you had a good weekend.
It’s been a big weekend here in Hamilton, New Zealand.WHY ?
Well, Hamilton has just had it’s 150th birthday, so the Saturday was a bit of a party. Hamilton got started in 1864. So, last night my family and I went into town and joined the festivities.I had been thinking about going all day, but it wasn’t a great weather forecast, and the forecast was about right.   But, hey…that’s the way it has been for the last few weeks.It’s been a true spring. I really wish summer would arrive. There were bands playing, rides to go on, all sorts of things. It’s always enjoyable when there is a few people around ,especially families. But, I do sometimes feel like an evening of the old days !! I remember those days. Before marriage and children. The evenings of a 3am finish. But, I am now at the elderly 33 years of age !! So, back to last night.. We thought there would be a few more businesses open, but it must have been part of the regulations to be shut. My son got a bit grumpy after a while. Maybe it was the many unknown people, and that we were moving around. He wasn’t keen on having his photo taken with the Pirate (picture). My daughter seemed to brighten up after falling asleep on the way to town There was fireworks scheduled for 9pm. That was one of the main reasons I was interested in going. I thought the children would enjoy them. But, about 8pm we decided to head for home . We stopped at McDonald’s on the way home for Ice Cream. So, the children probably had one of their latest nights in a long time. My daughter had a pretty good sleep in Sunday morning.

My Wife Alie & The Pirate
Myself And Daughter Claudia
My Son Hayden



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