11 Famous Faces With Epilepsy

Below are some Famous Faces who have or had some form of Epilepsy at some
stage in their life. This shows you that Epilepsy can happen to anyone. It also shows us that we can still achieve when we have Epilepsy. Epilepsy may arrive, it may go away.Who knows… There is the very sad case of Flo-Jo, where a seizure took her life.

Susan Boyle – British Singer who appeared from “Britain’s Got Talent” singing “I Dreamed A Dream”. She had seizures during her childhood.

Neil Young – Canadian singer-songwriter,of bands Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

Prince – American singer, who had epilepsy as a child.

Lil Wayne – American Rapper. His seizures occur when he is stressed out, working to hard.

Chris Knox – The New Zealand Musician used his experience with Epilepsy as inspiration, with an album titled “Seizure”.

Hugo Weaving – Australian Actor of Movies Lord of The Rings & The Matrix. His Epilepsy started in his teenage years. He has never held a drivers license.He has now been seizure free for about 20 years, but gets by without a license.

Danny Glover – The American Actor had Epilepsy as a child. Like a lot of people, he outgrew his Epilepsy.

Florence Griffith-Joyner – The American Track and Field Athlete, who was know as Flo-Jo, died of Epilepsy in her sleep in 1998.

 Adam Horovitz – American Musician from the Beastie Boys, has experienced a Grand Mal Seizure.

Buddy Bell – American Baseball Player. He played the majority of his career with Epilepsy.There were times that he missed a game because of Epilepsy.

 Tony Greig – Former England Cricket Captain then Commentator.He had his first seizure in his teenage years, but it was eventually controlled by medication.


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