Lockhart Place Christmas Party

Hope your Christmas preparations are going well !!
We had an busy but enjoyable weekend. Firstly, we had a 5th birthday to attend on Saturday, then a Christmas Party in our street. This was something we were excited about, but also a bit nervous. We moved into Lockhart Place (our address) 19 months ago and haven’t really had a lot of engagement with any neighbors. Apart from the odd hello and small chat brought on by children’s attendance to kindy/school, there has been nothing. So, it was a surprise when I found an invite to a Christmas Party about a week – 10 days ago. It was an invite to bring your takeaways and watch the fireworks later in the night. Our children were pretty tired after the 5th birthday party. So, I went and got Domino’s Pizza for dinner. We had that at home, then down the street we went. We live in a cul-de-sac .That’s something I really wanted when house hunting all those months ago.We took a couple of seats and a picnic blanket. It was really good to meet and have conversations with people that live just over the fence. We had to control the kids craziness, with my daughter always been keen to chase her big brother. He got to spend time with another boy he attended kindy and now school with. Here’s hoping they can form a friendship, living in the same street.Having good neighbors is one of the things I looked forward to when we changed our address.Our old address was in a younger part of town, pretty close to the Waikato University. We had some neighbors that partied several nights a week. They didn’t care about our children in bed at night. They thought the place for their empty beer bottles was on our side of the fence. It’s been a completely different story here. So, as I said, we had a bit of fireworks . I’m not a huge fan of fireworks. We don’t purchase them. But, our kids had fun. It was probably their first experience of sparklers. It’s only really a matter of time and fireworks will be off the market in New Zealand. We’ll have the same policy as Australia, which is just public displays. Those are the best anyway. They have the real big fireworks, the real goodies. So, it was after 9:30 before we got the kids into bed. A late night, but well worth it.We now know a bit more about a few of our neighbours. Let’s hope there is more interaction with neighbors to come.



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