What Are Your Plans For 2015 ?

So, what are your plans for 2015 ?

As 2014 comes to an end, it seems like it was just yesterday that we were in May celebrating my son’s 5th birthday. It also seems pretty much the same since we had Christmas last year. Did you have goals for this year ? Has there been things you wish you had / hadn’t done ? What sort of position do you want to be in this time next year. There is a saying in my family of “time fly’s when your having fun”. In my younger days, I used to love the idea of time flying by, getting to the end of the year quickly. But now, I don’t like it so much because of the likes of my parents getting older. I didn’t have the best relationship with my father in my late teens , early twenties. Part of this was because I was frustrated and somewhat depressed. Part of this was due to my Epilepsy. My parents are now so valuable to us. If I just think of the last 12 years, we have been through marriage, we have had our children, and purchased our 1st home then recently our 2nd home. Parents have that life experience. There is no better qualification than life experience. I often say that you think you know it all as a teenager, but once you reach 30, you know so much more. I can now see I really knew nothing at all those years ago. I also look at the media and at society and the likes of alcohol, smoking etc, and think what a waste. If only some people were thinking about the future. If only they could jump forward 10-15 years to see what the outcome will be, or see where they will end up.

New Zealand Epilepsy Foundation

So, my plans for 2015. As a Stay At Home Dad it’s pretty much about my children. It will be about getting my son to school, then my daughter to kindy. I’m looking forward to continuing with The New Zealand Epilepsy Foundation. The Foundation’s goal is to get people engaged, together. In my region we want to have more events.
If there is 90,000 people with Epilepsy in New Zealand, (  NZ’s Population just over 4.5 million) , then those people living with Epilepsy need to come out of the woodwork and get involved. I have been making inquiries into Education. Things like Website Design and Writing, Website Development. I did think about starting in February, but looks like I’ll hold off for now. I will do some more research. I can always get started half way through the year. This will be study at home. It suits me best as I continue been a Stay At Home Dad and also as a non-driver. I also have Financial Goals. I have been reading a few books on this. Many people don’t think about retirement early enough. At what stage in life do you want to be mortgage free ? I find these kind of topic’s interesting, exciting. So, 2015.. here we come. Not long to go now !!!

New Zealand Flag


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