Our Christmas 2014

I hope you had a Merry Christmas !! I certainly did.
We were away from home for 7 nights all together. We first spent 3 nights away
Claudia turns 3
at the beach (Papamoa) with my parents, leaving home on the 23rd. The 23rd is also our daughters birthday. She turned 3. My brother and his family also spent a couple of nights at the beach with us. The house was full, so we had a couple of tents up. It was great to see our kids playing with their cousins, enjoying each others company. On Christmas day, some of the kids were up bright and early. It looked like Rudolf had had a drink and good bite of the carrot we left him. My sister came for lunch with her family on Christmas day as well. So, we had a total of 16 people all together. After Christmas lunch, we went just down the street to the park and played cricket for a while. So, it was a very enjoyable day. Next you know it was Boxing Day. We weren’t in to much of  a hurry to get going, because originally we weren’t going to carry on to my in-laws until the 27th. But we decided to get going after lunch on Boxing Day. It was a pretty usual trip, taking about 3 and a half hours to get to my wife’s home town (Gisborne). There was quite a bit of traffic. This was partly due to a Music Festival on in Gisborne between Boxing Day and New Years. So, what did we get up to on a arrival ? We had a family dinner. Over the next few days we did several things such as a trip up the coast, where we had a BBQ and went fishing Our son caught his first fish. So, it was really worth it. Some of the spots we visited were really enjoyable. As I said, it was a drive along the coast, so you couldn’t have asked for better views. So, on the 29th, it was back to my parents place for a night. This cuts down the trip home . Then after lunch on the 30th, HOME !! It was so nice to be home again. We  had a very busy week,but the very best week in a long time. 
Hayden With His 1st Fish

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