My Seizure Summary For 2014

 I thought I would do a summary of how my Epilepsy has been during 2014. I visited the Neurologist in April and had a chat about where I was at… eg: how often I had my turns ( seizures ), why I think I had them.At that time I was having about 2-6 turns a month.

My Medication at that time was :

  • Levetiracetam – 1250mg twice daily
  • Topriamate – 200mg twice daily
  • Lamotrigine – 100mg twice daily

So, they decided there would be some changes.
These would be to reduce Topriamate by 25mg a month, to get to 50mg twice a day. We would also increase Lamotrigine by 25mg a week to get to 200mg twice a day.

So, as things stand now, we currently take –

  • Levetiracetam 1250mg twice daily
  • Topriamate 75mg twice daily
  • Lamotrigine 200mg twice daily

We are still reducing our Topriamate each month. In March we will be 50mg twice a day. It will have taken 11 months to get there from 200mg twice a day, reducing by 25mg each month.

So, has there been any improvement ?
Some months we have had the same number of turns, but a couple of times we have gone a month without having any turns at all, which is very encouraging.That is the longest amount of time turn-free in the 20 or so years since my Epilepsy began. Alot of my turns ( seizures ) are very much brought on by my emotions. For example, the other day, I had one of those annoying phone calls when people call and ask for you, trying to sell you something. I was working in the garden, so my wife brought the phone out.As I had this short waste of time chat, I knew I was going to have a turn. So, we know that it definitely came from the situation.

So, lets look at the numbers of turns month by month…..2014

January – 6
February – 2
March – 4
April – 2
May – 3
June – 2
July – 2
August – 3
September – 4
October – 6
November – 2
December – 3

My Turn Free Periods were between the 4 May – 4 June (30 Days) & 16 November – 15 December (28 Days).

So, I very much look forward to what 2015 brings.
Lets hope we have more Turn – Free Months.
Maybe the reduction in Topriamate is having an effect. Hopefully we will be returning to the Neurologist in the next 6 months. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say.


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