Pink Girls & Blue Boys

Do you dress your girls in pink and your boys in blue ?
Does your girl enjoy playing with Trucks and Cars or is she only interested in the likes of Barbie Dolls and Picnic Baskets ? How does your son feel about the so called “girls toys”. There have been a few disagreements at my place about who has the Picnic Basket. It was given to my daughter. Both of the kids like playing with the Matchbox Cars, and the majority of them were given to my son.They happily play with the Trains together. I really dislike the whole blue for boys and pink for girls thing. WHY ? Well, pink is boring because there is sooo much of it . Also, whats wrong with a girl in blue ? We are very grateful with the amount of clothing we have received from friends and family. This has meant we have never had to purchase a lot of clothing ourselves. On the few occasions we do buy clothes for our daughter we try to steer clear of the colour pink. But, the majority of the clothes out there in the shops for girls are PINK. Did you know that many years ago it was the other way around. The boys wore the pink and the girls the blue. Pink was looked at as a masculine colour , and a lite blue was feminine. This changed slowly over time. A younger child is most likely to inherit from an older child. Would one hand down a pink bike to a little brother. NO !  But, I bet you there is a chance a blue or black bike would be handed down to a little sister. I have said many times I will one day wear a pink shirt. That seems to be a bit of a new trend, a man wearing a pink shirt. But, there would still be many that wouldn’t dare to do it.

A Few Tips

  • Read books with boys and girls as the main characters.
  •  Have different coloured clothes for your children.
  • Encourage your children to play with all kinds of toys. eg: Don’t tell your son to leave the Barbie alone. Smile when your daughter is playing with the trains and trucks.
  •  Buy toys that don’t fit a certain gender. eg : puzzles, blocks
  • Encourage your child to have friends of both sexes.
  • Talk to your child about accepting people as they are. No teasing or commenting about the color of clothes.
  • Never comment on what your child is wearing. It’s not what they look like that’s important, it’s whats inside that counts.This is pretty simple. Remember , you are the adult.

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