A Return To Normality

An Afternoon At The Beach (Raglan)

Well, we are nearly one month down for 2015.Once we had Christmas I kept saying to myself, “I can’t believe it has been that long since Xmas”.We have had some good times such as BBQ’s, time at the beach, and just days doing absolutely nothing. I even went to the beach for 3 nights just with my parents. That’s probably the first time I have ever been away from my children. But, it gets to a certain point and I look forward to things turning back to normality. EG: The kids going on their path each day to school and kindy, along with my wife returning to work as a teacher. Thats where she has been during the last two weeks.At school, preparing for this year. My daughter started back at Kindy on the 27th of January. It was going to be interesting because over the holidays we have been doing some toilet training. She has been using the toilet anything from 2 to 6 times a day. This is of course when we suggest it and with our assistance. But, it’s a step in the right direction and exciting for all. Just imagine a nappy free house. We no longer use a high chair or bibs. She was 3 yrs old a couple of days before Christmas. So, how did the toilet routines go at Kindy ? I informed the Kindy teachers and the plan was to continue it there, and it went very well. So, onwards and upwards from here.They say that girls are quicker than boys when it comes to toilet training/using the toilet, and it looks like that may be the case with my 2 kids. Once everyone is back at school or Kindy , I get a few hours a few days a week by myself. Even if its hanging washing out or vacuuming , it’s easier by yourself. I did have a few days of seizures/turns, but as I write this I have been 10 days clear, so thumbs up. It has been very extremely hot weather. You know when it’s winter and you just wish you could have a day of fine weather ? Well, here we now have the opposite. January has probably been completely dry. Our days have been up to 30 degrees Celsius ( 86 Fahrenheit ) . But the rain would be great for the lawn and garden as well. It would mean the birds would not be attacking my lawn ( need to get rid of the worms) and I wouldn’t have to be watering the garden. But hey, thats summer I guess. I’ve been seeing the crazy snow that they have been having in the U.S…. I have only ever been to the snow once, and that was for 3 days when I was 10 or 11. One day I’ll go again, ONE DAY !!
Have been going for a few runs and walks after dinner at night. Looks like I, along with my wife and mother in-law, are doing a 20km run/walk in early March. It shouldn’t cause to many problems with the amount of walking I do all year around. It’s going to be a big sports year with the Cricket World Cup starting in a couple of weeks. This is in New Zealand & Australia. The Rugby World is also happening in October, hosted by England. EXCITING STUFF !!
So, looking forward to that return to normality. We’ll get used to our daily and weekly routines once again and it’s been good to have eased into them this week.

Raglan, New Zealand


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