It’s Alot Easier These Days…& I LOVE Talking About It !!!

Have you used your smartphone today ? If so, what did you use it for ?
A phone call, a text, Facebook…. or maybe you needed to use a map.
So, it’s been a bit over 20 years since the internet arrived ? 
It’s now a part of most peoples daily
life’s,whether it’s at the computer or mobile phone.You can have the information you want at your fingertips,or deliver the information you want with the use of your fingertips.You can pretty much be online where ever you are. Healthcare is something that works well online. For myself, I no longer have to go to the doctor to get a new prescription of medication. I just log in at a website –  Manage My Health , say what I want/need, and my doctor signs it off. I go to the Doctors Clinic and pick up the Prescription and step next door to the Pharmacy. So, the use of the internet has taken a step out of what would have been done in the past, or at least a phone call. Manage My Health has all my records. All my visits to the doctor, any surgery, examinations I have had are all there to look at once I log in. Talking of visits, appointments..have you received a text message reminding you of an appointment. I know I have. This is something that wouldn’t have happened in the early days of mobiles, because text messages hadn’t even started. With the use of the internet , people can now research their own illness/condition. The one danger of this is that some may will start to believe they are an expert and self-diagnose.  But, we need to remember that that is the professionals job. They have done years of training. I for one have looked at a lot of things to do with Epilepsy via the net.It’s handy to read info in several places. It’s interesting to look at other peoples perspective, opinions. YouTube is a great place for that. Video is the best way to get your point across. Isn’t YouTube one of the worlds most popular places ?

As Technology develops, medical professionals are able to do their jobs better. With the Internet they can reach thousand of pages of info with the touch of a button. It’s a lot easier and quicker than thumbing through a text book.
I think Social Media has huge benefits when it comes to health issues. Well, that’s what I have seen of late. Something I have really started to enjoy more and more is the Epilepsy Groups I am in. These are Google + Groups and Facebook Groups. It’s great to see people having really open discussions about their Epilepsy. People are asking questions, and everyone is coming out and telling a small part of their Epilepsy story.There is nothing better than conversation. It’s sometimes the best medicine. It’s pointless bottling everything up inside. This is what I hope for the future here in New Zealand. That’s why I like been involved with The NZ Epilepsy Foundation. People with Epilepsy in New Zealand have to come out and not be afraid of Epilepsy.They need support.There is no point living in a box.  
You Have To Be Positive !!


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