An Ambulance On Our Walk Home

This week my wife was away for a night due to work commitments.
She came home feeling pretty tired and not her best so she took the next day off work. She rarely does this, but when she does I do enjoy it. The kids have been going to swimming lessons on Thursday afternoons. My Mum has been taking us, but with my wife home, it gave Mum a chance to have the day off. So, school ended at 3pm, and my daughters lesson was at 3:30. So off the 4 of us went. My wife was yet to see our girl in the pool, so she was looking forward to it. I had a plan to walk us home afterwards. My sons lesson isn’t until 4:30, so it is alot of time for my daughter to sit around doing nothing. So, we got her dressed, and her and I set off on the 30-40 min walk home.
It is mostly a walk I do often. Without driving I do alot of walking. I walked through the shopping centre/mall on the way home. Anyway, I looked at the time and it was about 4:35 so I thought of my boy in the pool . As we walked along, I all of a sudden got a fright and jumped as you sometimes do. A teenage boy came flying up behind me on his bike. He apologized and we smiled and had a bit of a joke with each other as he rode past. This was as I went down a bit of a hill. As I continued, I felt a bit funny, maybe nervous. I may have just been wanting to get up the small hill in front. This part of the road is a dip. It quickly goes down and then up again. Anyway, next thing you know, I’m in an Ambulance !!
Sounds like I had left my daughter in the pushchair (put the pushchairs brakes on) , and walked to the other side of the road. It is a very busy road. From the notes of the Ambulance, I crossed the road a couple of times then collapsed on the grass beside the footpath. It sounds like there was some very helpful members of the public. I have had an Ambulance come 3-4 times even though most of the time it hasn’t been necessary. The most frustrating is they don’t let you go very quickly. But, I guess they are just doing their job. The cost of it used to bother me as well. People would call one unnecessarily, and you would have to pay for it. That’s not the case now because we are part of the supporter scheme.We pay a small fee every year, which covers the whole family.  Maybe it is concerning when I am out with my daughter, but we are out walking most days. I have been doing this with my kids for years now. My daughter and I walk to kindy 3 days a week, and whether permitting, we walk for the sake of walking. I do think this whole thing started when the teenager went past me on his bike. That gave me a fright, and it was enough to get it started. That’s what led to feeling funny as I walked up the hill. As usual, it’s very much about emotions.  Thanks to the people who were nearby and noticed wasn’t quite right, and thanks to St John Ambulance. 


3 thoughts on “An Ambulance On Our Walk Home

  1. Hey Roxanne,
    As I said, I felt a bit funny after the teenager had been past on his bike. I think I did feel it coming on, which is how it is most of the times these days. Thinking about having a turn is probably all part of it.


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