Great Way To Spend A Sunday

Feel like walking 20km ?
Well, that’s what we did in the weekend. Yes, it sounds like quite a distance, but I do walk alot. I walk most days, with about 50% of it with a pushchair. My wife and mother-in-law also took part. I was a bit nervous leading into it. But once we got going, I was ok. I didn’t walk with my loved ones, because their steps aren’t as big as mine with my legs been a bit longer 🙂 . I sometimes take small steps when walking with my mother- in-law.. about 3 of hers to one of mine. But, she doesn’t really find this as amusing as I do. So this walk was through the bush/forest. Some of it was on road, either tar-seal or gravel. There was also some on bush walking track as well.I had a few chats with different people on the way around. It was 2 laps of a 10 km track. My first goal was to get the first lap out of the way. I noticed I was pretty close to the front of the field. So, I thought about getting in the first 5 to finish. But , Epilepsy was to play a part. I remember on completion of the 1st lap, I had a conversation with someone, saying that I should stop. But, I disagreed and carried on. My legs were sore and I could have had a trip to the toilet, but I decided I’d be right, I could hold on until the end. I continued to move towards the front, but eventually had some problems. I remember there were times that I walked the wrong way. I would have thought people would have helped out. Maybe they did, but if I was in a strange state of mind, it may have been hard to change my ways. I also remember walking passed the same people several times. That really tells me I must have been walking the wrong way. When there were bits of bush walking, I got lost , which would have cost me time as well. I also had to ask people for advice on where to go towards the end. But, I made it to the end. I won for my age group, for which I received a sports bag and medal. It was still a respectable time, just under 3 hours. But it could have been a lot better, maybe 30 minute, if Epilepsy hadn’t affected it.
Never mind.
It’s still a pretty good achievement to walk 20km. Maybe we can look at doing it again next year.
If we do, I’m sure I will be able to better my time.

Before The Walk 


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