A 2km Family Walk Fundraiser

Hey there !! 🙂

The Crowd Before The Start

So, we walked 20 km a couple of weeks ago…and this weekend we had another walk on. But, this one was a bit shorter. Quite a bit shorter actually. Just 2km . This was a fundraiser at our sons school just down the street. There were several distances available, from the 2km up to running 9km. But, I thought we would just walk 2km as a family. It was also a good chance to join in on the festivities afterwards. So, the people running 9km went off first and eventually our time came. I pushed my daughter in her pushchair and my wife went along with my son. He really surprised us, because he ran and ran.

Off They Go !!

So, Alie (my wife) had to jog as well to keep up with him.My daughter and I eventually caught up to them , and we stayed together for the rest of the race. We did really well. It was fantastic to cross the finish line together, as a family. We were handed a bottle of water each from one of the sponsors. There was plenty of things for the kids to do. Games like tossing a ball through a hole, Soak-a-Teacher, Raffles, face painting.We walked around and had a good watch, then went to the playground for a while, waiting for prize giving to come.There were plenty of prizes,from the most crazy dressed, spot prizes, and for of course the people who won each distance.We had to explain to our son plenty of times that not everyone gets a prize. So, by the time they had worked themselves through the morning, it was pretty much lunchtime. There was going to be live music starting at lunchtime. This was a couple who had appeared on the X Factor NZ. We had never seen them.

Go Hayden, through the hole !!

We headed home for lunch before the music started. So, I’m very glad we went and participated. At first we hadn’t intended to.
Sounds like there was between 600-700 people participate. So,well done Rototuna School.As a School , Rototuna are fantastic at fundraising.


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