The Paleo Way ….. "Eat Ya Greens" !!!

So, whats the Paleo Diet all about ?

I recently saw Aussie ( Australian ) Chef Pete Evans on 60 minutes or of those shows, talking about the Paleo Diet. Sounds like it’s about going back to eating like the caveman did.  Paleo refers to Paleolithic,  aka – Early Stone Age.
So, from that it sounds like its going to be about eating your greens and cutting out all the rubbish ?  We are on the right track. We are not going to the extremes of having to grow and catch everything that we eat. What sort of things are you eating compared to what the caveman ate ? Seafood, Fruit and Veges,Meats that eat grass. What about Nuts and Seeds. I just had a licorice allsort !! 🙂

So, what are we not to eat ?
Dairy,Potatoes,Processed Foods (of course), salt & refined sugar, just to name a few.  So, there are some obvious ones there. Ones that are common sense, such as processed foods. But there are some funny things there.I love a lettuce salad, but I couldn’t see myself eating a salad with apples and pears in it. I do have a bit of diary food in my diet, and I’m having spuds 3-4 nights a week.

So, is the Paleo Diet for you ?
There has been some against the Paleo diet, from Scientists to Dietitians,and there have been some huge supporters. If you are cutting out the rubbish, of course you will be in favor. Didn’t your parents tell you to “Eat Ya Greens” when you were a girl/boy. Did you get to about 30 and realize that everything your parents said was correct ? And.. I’m not just talking about food.

I think we can have everything in moderation.
It’s OK to go to McDonald’s once a month… as long as it stays once a month. As long as you only have a little bit, its ok. One of the bits you have to add to this is exercise. Are you exercising at the same time ?  Exercise is the best medicine because it helps your self-esteem.There are good ideas in the Paleo Diet, but the main idea is to cut out the rubbish.

Eat Ya Meat & Veges. It’s what my parents told me and what I tell my kids.

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