Lest We Forget – Anzac Day


This weekend is a long one ( 3 days ) due to Anzac Day, the 25 of April. This was when New Zealand and Australian soldiers landed at Gallipoli Peninsula ( now Turkey ) in World War 1.
This year is a special year because the first soldiers landed in 1915, which makes it 100 years since.
On just the 25th of April alone, thousands of young men lost their lives. Many thought they were off for an adventure. It was a chance to see the world. Some lied about their age. They didn’t know what was ahead of them.
When the campaign ended, 130,000 were dead. Just under 9000 of these were Australian soldiers and just under 3000 were New Zealand soldiers.This was about a fifth of the New Zealanders that landed at Gallipoli. A further 4700 New Zealand Soldiers were wounded. 87,000 Turkish Soldiers were killed.
Gallipoli was only a small piece of the 1st World War. The number of deaths may seem insufficient if you were to look at the death tolls in the likes of Germany or Belgium. But, New Zealand’s and Australia’s roles at Galipoli have never and will never be forgotten. We owe those brave young men the freedom and national identity we have today.
In the past I sometimes wonder if we have to keep remembering. It seems so long ago…..perhaps
it is time to move on. But, this year I have thought about it a bit more. Maybe it is because it is 100 years. As I said , it was a long time ago, and the world was a very different place.
New Zealand’s population in 1915 was around one million people. Today we have about 4.5 million.

Below Are Some Pictures Of Us At The Parade On The 25th.















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