Thinking, Partying & Turns

Hello, so what do ya know ?

It’s been an interesting week…
What have you been up to ? What do you know ?
I’ve been thinking about alot of stuff, like the next few years. I am always doing that, but every now and again it hits me again that I really need to sort out what should be happening in the next year or two, because our daughter starts school at the beginning of  2017. So, I was looking at the education ideas I have looked at before. I have my doubts about studying. This may sound like a negative attitude, but is it worth spending a few thousand dollars at this stage ?When I say “stage”, I’m talking about the fact I am now married with 2 children. We have a mortgage to pay. If I study ,there is no guarantee it will bring an income. I think studying at this stage of life ( mid 30’s ), is alot different to studying soon after finishing school.
What have I been looking at studying ? Mostly I.T ,Website Design and Development.I also think about Accounting, whether that would be worth looking at. I also research Forex Trading. I would love to be successful at this. But, it’s not something you learn overnight.  I’m currently involved in the Home Business of Lyoness. This is very new to New Zealand, so it won’t happen overnight either.

So, we had a pretty busy weekend. Today ( 18th of May ) is our sons ( Hayden ) 6th birthday. On Saturday we had a few of his friends here for his birthday party. Everyone had a good time. It had the theme  of Pirates. We had the usual party games such as pass the parcel, pin the tail on the pony, (although we played pin the cross on the treasure ) , and a treasure hunt. Hayden had a Pirate Ship birthday cake. Below is the music we used for pinning the cross on the treasure.

I had turns ( seizures) Saturday and Sunday. They were both pretty much at the same time in the day and also for the same reason. They came during conversation. So, like about 80% of my turns, they happened because of emotions. You would think there would be a way to deal with that. To me it seems so simple. But,  maybe not. I often feel like I’m going to have a turn, and I’ll say “I feel like I’m going to have a turn”. It then doesn’t happen. I wonder whether because I say this , it scares the turn away. But there are times I feel like it’s going to happen, but I don’t get the chance to say this, or for some reason I don’t. This was the case on Saturday.  This is all frustrating. I went to the Neurologist last May. I’d love to go again since I’ve had a couple of seizure free months. But there is a real shortage of Neurologists, so who knows whether we’ll get an appointment anytime soon.

All the best 🙂


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