You Are Beautiful Just The Way You Are

Yes, you are beautiful just the way you are !!

Why am I talking about this ? Well, I have always thought this, but recently I was watching  a TV show, “Bodyshockers”. It comes from the U.K. You may have seen it. It’s all about people who have done crazy stuff to there bodies and then regretted it further on in life. Also those who are considering doing something crazy. They often get one from each of these groups together. For example, someone who now regrets a Tattoo , with someone who is about to get a Tattoo. People have had these Tattoos in crazy places, like above/across the top of their breasts. Think of those funny piercing as well, like the ones that leave huge holes in your ears. Are you going to want to have these thing in your ears in 20-30 years time. Will you be happy with a couple of big holes ?

I have never and will never have a Tattoo. This is just my opinion. Why would you want to permanently mark your body like that.The body is a beautiful thing and also an amazing system. It may seem cool when your 18 or 20 to get a Tattoo, but are you still going to have those same feelings when your 50 ? Isn’t there a chance that these Tattoos could be embarrassing ?

I’m only in my mid thirties, but I feel I have changed and grown alot in the last 15 or so years.

Alot of the Sport Stars that our young ones idolize are covered in Tattoos. As I have said, this is a personal choice. But , they may not be in the public’s eye forever. They only have a limited time in the sporting arena.

There are a few Tattooed in my family.  It may sound rather nasty, but I always joke that if my children ever get a Tattoo I’ll be divorcing them. As we know, that’s not possible. I will love my kids 100%  wherever life takes them.

We are beautiful just the way we are. My wife isn’t someone who wears alot of makeup. People should be looking are your face, not your makeup. Maybe there is a balance that can be found of just a little.

Breast Implants/plastic surgery puzzle me too.  How could you put things like that into your body.

Everyone’s body is their own though. You are free to do with it whatever you please.Your body needs to be in good condition throughout your life. So, go easy on it, and just remember…



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