A Sick Last Week Of Term

What a week it has been. It’s been a good one in that it was the last week of the school term. But it wasn’t much fun because Claudia ( daughter )  was home all week..never went to Kindergarten. So we never really did anything , which meant they were long days. She watched a lot of TV, which made me feel guilty. She was coughing Sunday night/ Monday morning , so as we all know it’s wrong to send your kids anywhere where they may give their bugs to others.

She spent most of the week coughing, with a bit of phlegm in her mouth. I got her some Paracetamol, which helped her a bit , but it wore out every 4-5 hours. So, We’d give her some more. It got to Thursday and I rang Healthline for some advice. The person I spoke to said we should go to the doctor. You never know, what seems like just a cold could be something a lot worse. I tried to get a doctors appointment. They were all booked out for the day, and it was the same for Friday as well. It’s just that time of the year !! Everyone’s at the doctor.
I went and got some other stuff from the Pharmacy. We thought it might help her to have something different from Paracetamol . I think it did help her as well. But she still had a throat full of phlegm.
So, Saturday…..Alie ( my wife ) took Claudia to a Doctor in town. It was just a matter of going and waiting and seeing a random Doctor. But it was worth it. Sounds like the Doctor they saw was lovely. She said Claudia had a bit of an Ear Infection. So, more came from the Pharmacy.
We had a Birthday Party to go to yesterday afternoon/last night. We were a bit hesitate on Claudia going, but we all went in the end, and things were fine. The kids were fine. There were quite a few kids games which kept them happy.
So, school holidays… I always look forward to them. It means we get a bit of family time with Alie being a teacher. She is going to be at school the whole 2nd week which won’t be much fun for anyone. ( 2 week holiday ). We are doing a few fun things in the first week. We have plans to go to the Zoo and visit an old friend tomorrow . Then later in the week we’re going to the beach for a couple of nights. Alie’s parents are going to come and stay with us there.

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