If You Keep Losing Sleep Your Gonna Be……


My daughter is currently asleep on the couch. She has been for about the last hour and a half. She doesn’t really sleep much during the day anymore.

Every creature on earth needs a rest, whether that rest is during the day or during the night. We all sleep. We need to eat and we need to sleep. To much attention is put towards our diets and sleeping isn’t talked about enough.

Sleeping gives your body a rest. This prepares it for the next day. After a day, your mind and body need a holiday. Your brain needs to sort things out. Without it, your brain will mess things up.
Maybe sleeping is when our brain sorts out all the information, solves all the problems.Perhaps all the scientific stuff is done as we sleep.

As we know the amount of sleep a person needs depends on age.
Babies need a lot. About 14-15 hours a day. But once we each adulthood
we can get by on 7-8 hours of sleep.

Kids between 5 and 12 ages need somewhere between 10-11 hours sleep.
I enjoy this at the moment. Our two children ( 3 & 6 yrs ) go to bed about 7 pm every night, which equals about 12 hours. So, what do I enjoy ? That time when we are child free. Sound Cruel ? It’s just nice to relax without the kids.

Does missing a nights sleep make you grumpy ?
50% of the time I fall asleep in front of the TV. If you were to miss 2 nights, you would start to have real problems. As mentioned earlier, your brain and body need sleep to function. I don’t know how anyone would cope with no sleep at all over 48 hours.

Eventually it will become impossible for the brain to function, to send those messages to the rest of your body.

I think a lot of things in life are about habits. Good habits, bad habits. There are many things we do every day. Like eating our meals, brushing our teeth. Sleep is very much a habit. You can be in a good or bad habit with your sleep. I sometimes get into bad habits with my sleep by getting up at 2-3 am and watching TV for an hour or 2, then getting up early. But, if I go to bed at a good time, like 9-10 pm and read for a while, I can spend the whole night there. If I have to visit the toilet during the night, I sometimes have temptations not to go back to bed.




Silverchair – If You Keep Losing Sleep


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