An Epilepsy Alphabet : Words Out Of Epilepsy

Here is something crazy. How many words can we get out of the word Epilepsy ? I’m pretty sure all of these make sense. But you shouldn’t really use someones second name, especially when that name isn’t of English Language. But hey, I just did it for a bit of a laugh and also my love of Golf !! I’ve watched Ernie a lot over the years.


6 Letter Words

Yippee, Slippy, Sleepy

5 Letter Words


4 Letter Words

Pees, Pile, Yelp, Pies, Pipe, Peal, Pips, Slip, Lies, Isle, Else, Eels

3 Letter Words                                                                                                    

Yes, See, Eel, Sly, Lip, Els,Yep,Yip, Eye, Spy, Sip, Pie, Pee, Pip, Lye, Ply, Lie

2 letter Words





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