Daffodil Day

I pretty much had a day to myself yesterday. This was great because this rarely happens. My daughter goes to Kindy in the mornings 4 days a week, and Fridays are pretty boring days. We used to go to Mainly Music. You take your kids along and have a dance to lots of kids songs. But, the Mainly Music we went to is no longer running. We have been to another a few times with some friends, but Claudia ( daughter) has decided she doesn’t like it. I shouldn’t really let her get her own way, but I can’t really be bothered with the performance it can sometimes bring on. Next year, with her turning 4 just before Christmas, she’ll be going to Kindy 5 days a week.

So, the day to myself !!  I had some things I wanted to do in town, so I asked my Mum if she could look after Claudia for the day. So, that happened and they dropped me off in town. It is so nice to have some time to myself. On the rare occasion that my wife and I don’t have the kids with us in the car, it feels so strange that they aren’t there. I find myself looking to the back seat. You so feel like there is something missing because the kids aren’t there.

In town, there were many stands selling flowers for Daffodil Day. What is Daffodil Day ? It’s a fundraiser for Cancer. It is a pretty big deal here in New Zealand. It’s like an annual event. There is a lot of publicity around it, and it has some big sponsors. There were many stands selling Daffodils and many people had a Daffodil pinned to their shirt. It was almost like every 2nd person.

So, whats my point ?   It’s great to see how well people respond to raising money for Cancer.  My heart goes out to anyone affected by Cancer . We all know it would be heart-breaking.  But, how would people respond if the same number of stands were raising money for Epilepsy ?  Probably not as much.  😦   I have sold purple ribbons for Epilepsy on a couple of dates. When I did this, it’s very obvious there is very little public understanding when it comes to Epilepsy.  I so wish Epilepsy was up there with Cancer, but the public are just poorly informed.

This is why it’s great to be involved in the New Zealand Epilepsy Foundation. The goal is for the public to be much better informed , and people with Epilepsy be much more supported.


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