Keep Your Home Safe

There are many daily threats that we are exposed to on a daily basis. These threats can occur within our homes, and even while traveling outside of the home to places where we shop, dine, and travel. Many of these threats are often not discovered, or even thought about until we experience a result from exposure to these dangerous aspects. There are many steps that we can take, especially during this holiday season, to ensure we are keeping our family and friends safe while visiting out homes.

Radon Gas

If you own an older home, exposure to radon gas is a threat that we must consider. Too high of an amount of radon can cause serious health problems, that can lead to various types of cancer, like lung cancer. In addition, radon gas can cause more serious, short term effects like shortness of breath or wheezing. If you think your home has radon gas exposure, you should consult with a professional to have the radon gas emission properly taken care of.


In particular buildings, asbestos contaminated materials can pose a threat to you and your family. The materials can be contained in areas such as popcorn ceilings, and older wallpaper. These exposed materials should be tested and properly disposed of if they contain asbestos chemicals, as the material is easily accessible to infants and young children. Other areas of caution include pipes, roofing tiles, as well as attic spaces. If you notice material that looks unfamiliar, it is advised to avoid the area, as the potential for asbestos contamination is higher.

Asbestos exposure can occur in older homes, as well as older buildings. It’s important to identify hazardous areas, as exposure can cause long term health implications. Some effects include seizures, which can commonly be mistaken for epilepsy, as well as shortness of breath, lung complications, and malignant mesothelioma.

Steps to Take

Home contamination can cause many serious health implications, such as various cancers, seizures (sometimes mistaken for epilepsy), brain complications, and even immune system problems. If you suspect your home, or places you commonly visit contain older materials that have the threat of containing asbestos or radon gas, you should consult with professionals immediately. These threats are not commonly explored, so being proactive to take the correct measures to reduce exposure risk is critical.

Written By Donna Fitzgerald


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