Merry Christmas !!!!!!!


Our boy with Santa
Our boy with Santa

We have just been for a drive. The kids have had a late night. We took them for a drive in their P.J’s to see some Christmas light. Man, the extreme that some people go to. It’s great to look at, it certainly got the kids excited, but they have fallen asleep as soon as they got into bed.

1 or 2 streets were packed full of cars with people walking around. I feel a bit sorry for the people not participating. But I guess it’s only for a couple of weeks.
So, are you excited about Christmas ? I’ve been counting down the weeks. I have the privilege with Alie ( wife ) getting a few weeks off due to being a teacher. We’ll be going away to my in-laws for about a week. This year my parents are going to come and stay with us as well. So, the kids are pretty lucky. They will be able to enjoy both sets of Grandparents. Our girl turns 4 a couple of days before Christmas. Not the best date in some ways. We have to make sure not to  pull her birthday into Christmas. She finished at a kindy a couple of days ago. She will be going to a new one next year. She has been going there for a couple of years so her last day was a bit sad. They do a great job, much appreciated. The same goes for our boy at school. He had another lovely teacher this year. So , enjoy ya Christmas, Drive Safe !!



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