Epilepsy Drugs & Birth Defects…



Hope you had a fantastic Christmas. I had a pretty good one. It’s hard to believe that it was 2 weeks ago. Time goes to quickly. There are times when that’s a good thing, but there are also times I wish it would slow down. For example, I was looking forward to the school year ending, meaning more family time. But , before we know it January will be gone and everyone will be back to school. I enjoy the holidays because of Alie ( my wife ) being a teacher.

So, a little while ago there was a very interesting story on the news. This was about a mother who was taking Epilim while pregnant and wasn’t informed of the issues it leads to. Her teenage daughters have had some development problems.

People are very unaware of this. I recently learned about this at The Brain Train. The Brain Train was an Epilepsy Meeting with a few knowledgeable guest. One of them was from FACSNZ  which stands for Foetal Anti -Convulsant New Zealand. She told us how many drugs can have a real effect on a pregnant woman, leading to their babies / children. It seems not many know about this. But,it is a topic in different places online.

There was a reaction to this news story on Facebook. Many people seemed to think they were an experts. This is the same whenever it comes to Epilepsy.  Frustrating !!


Take a look at the news story – HERE 

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