Dad’s , Children and Restrooms






Today I read an article about a Dad who rushed into the rest room  to change his child’s nappy /diaper. When he got there he saw there  was no changing table.
Have a read of this article –

Dad Pushes for a Changing Table in Every Men’s Bathroom

This is something I have often thought of. When it comes to children, most things are directed towards mothers. This is understandable, but I feel it’s unacceptable.
I have had thoughts the same way as this article. In some places there is a changing room. I have never used one with any of my children, but have always wondered if some woman would react if the likes of myself walked in . Would they think of covering a daughter up ? I would be there for one reason and one reason only. To take
care of my child.
I have a mall /shopping centre down the road, about a 20 minute walk. For a long time they had “Mummy’s Morning ” on a Friday morning. I have a feeling they may have changed it to “Parents Morning. ” So they should !!
I attended a play and music group with both my children. It was a great time and we made some fantastic friends there. The couple that ran most of it were so lovely. I often talk of them as my children’s ” 3rd  grandparents ” .
When we moved to our current home, nearly 3 years ago, I went to a new music group. The woman who ran it made suggestions I was there because of the mothers / woman. That really offended me. I’m happily married. I only ended up going a few times.  When my son was born , we enrolled in “Growing Up In New Zealand “. This is all about how children in New Zealand are growing up. This will continue until he is at least 18. So, they have visited and asked questions and we also receive  questionnaires by mail. There are questions set out for me and also for my wife. Most of the questions are directed towards her, since she is his mother.
I often feel people look at Dad’s at home as lazy . This doesn’t bother me. Why is a Stay At Home Dad different to a Mother at home ? They don’t know why my wife and I work like we do. It’s no one else’s business but ours. They don’t know about my goals for the future.
With today’s economy  there are many families where both parents attend a day job. I think the number of Stay At Home Dads is increasing all the time.



One thought on “Dad’s , Children and Restrooms

  1. So true, there should be. Here in SoCal, they have started to put them in at the parks. We have loads of stay at home dads here and I think it great. The kids need parental love. Period. Whoever can be the care-giver and whoever can be the provider does not really matter as long as it gets done! Keep up the great work Bryce! Malibu Mama Loves Xx


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